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Hendrick Polanco My deepest Condolences December 11, 2017

My deepest condolences.  May these few words from the Holy Scriptures bring you comfort in your time of grief...

John 11:32-45

32 And so Mary, when she arrived where Jesus was and caught sight of him, fell at his feet, saying to him: “Lord, if you had been here, my brother would not have died.” 33 Jesus, therefore, when he saw her weeping and the Jews that came with her weeping, groaned in the spirit and became troubled; 34 and he said: “Where have YOU laid him?” They said to him: “Lord, come and see.” 35 Jesus gave way to tears. 36 Therefore the Jews began to say: “See, what affection he used to have for him!” 37 But some of them said: “Was not this [man] that opened the eyes of the blind man able to prevent this one from dying?”

38 Hence Jesus, after groaning again within himself, came to the memorial tomb. It was, in fact, a cave, and a stone was lying against it.39 Jesus said: “TAKE the stone away.” Martha, the sister of the deceased, said to him: “Lord, by now he must smell, for it is four days.”40 Jesus said to her: “Did I not tell you that if you would believe you would see the glory of God?” 41 Therefore they took the stone away. Now Jesus raised his eyes heavenward and said: “Father, I thank you that you have heard me. 42 True, I knew that you always hear me; but on account of the crowd standing around I spoke, in order that they might believe that you sent me forth.” 43 And when he had said these things, he cried out with a loud voice: “Laz´a·rus, come on out!” 44The [man] that had been dead came out with his feet and hands bound with wrappings, and his countenance was bound about with a cloth. Jesus said to them: “Loose him and let him go.”

45 Therefore many of the Jews that had come to Mary and that beheld what he did put faith in him;

Please go to the following link for more information regarding the Hope expressed in this passage

Isabella Missing you. August 27, 2012
Isabella </3 January 21, 2011
theres never a time , your not on my mind . i cant seem to forget your smile , your scent , your laugh , your love . you were so much more than just a brother . you were a hero , one that everyone could count on . you gave a helping hand , to those who couldnt get back up . you touched so many peoples lives in so many different ways . too see someone now with so much fire & so much joy in everything & anything they do , is a phenomenon . but with you its just any ole day . you always did put a smile on my face , you never let me down . out of the God knows how many people in the world , he put me with you . no , not as punishment , lol . but as a wake up call , you are truely a blessing .& no matter how hard i try i just cant stop missing you . i love you Charles , more than anything ♥ - Bella .
mom 2 Waylon Kitchens thinkin of you July 9, 2009
Linda Jensen so sorry May 22, 2008
I looked at all the pictures and read all the stories of such a handsome and wonderful young man.  I just cried and cried.  I also lost a child.  My daughter was seven when she passed away, so I really can feel for your loss.  I am sorry.  from amothers veiwpoint I really feel your heartache. 
Larry&Yolanda Perez our condolances July 18, 2007
We would to say god bless you and your family for your loss, It is very hard when you lose someone that is so young! But it is even harder when someone tells you they know how you feel when they have not been through what we have expeienced! I just want to thank you from our hearts because not to maney people can take the time and sit and really think what we are going thru,Some say shut up and quite your crying but it is not that easy.My brother was murdered aug 21 05 and his b-day is aug 22 68, so it very hard as he was my only brother. I'm sorry i just wanted to give you and your family a heartfelt thank-you and our condolance for your loss,BUT THEY ARE IN A BETTER PLACE!!! GOD BLESS YOU AND UNTIL YOU MEET AGAIN.               ALWAY's  THE  PEREZ'S
lindsey charles. June 7, 2007

to the family of charles,

I am so sorry anyone has to feel this way. i miss him so much. i think about him everyday, and that's how it's always gonna be. i will never forget him and i will never, ever let him be forgotten. you are always in my thoughts, prayers, and heart. and dont ever be afraid to ask for anything. even if you just need to talk.

love always and forever,


joey a bailey dozer May 31, 2007
i am sorry to hear about dozer but at least he is with Charles again, i know how much he loved dozer
Bridget: Keith Elwart Our Son's May 25, 2007

 With All My Love Hi,

 I know you are in pain everyday. Believe me I know. I wish I did not. I know my son is Happy where he is. Keith has complete Joy as does your son. Don't ever dought it. What special gift's our son's are to us. We are so lucky to have had them in our live's. I know they are together having a good time. They would not want us to be sad. [But how can we help it, We miss them so.] Know  one  know's the pain we are in unless they have been through this.  Take Care of yourself!


                                             Love Bridget!!!

Semaj From the Heart May 11, 2007


    Thank you so much for the beautiful player you left on Jimmy's memorial site. Thank you for your love.

Semaj Loss May 2, 2007

 Dear Larry and Mona,

    You are two of the very few that I know like us who can understand this kind of pain. The Chinese have it wriiten this way - . The character means "Loss". You will notice there is a line through it. This is to say that "Loss" cannot be read, only felt.

    Charles gave his love so freely and asked so little in return. Why are these good people taken away? I fear we shall all weep and our hearts bleed for the rest of our lives. I believe that I shall never know what happiness is again. I love you both and I am so, so sorry for your loss. These words seem so futile but what else do we have?

                                                                     Sincerely, James J. Coburn, Sr.

Bridget: Keith Elwart Mom Angel's April 27, 2007


I feel your pain. I wish I did not know how it feel's. I lost my son Keith Elwart on July 31st. 2006. Some day's I feel that I can not go on. That it's not real. But we have no choice but to keep going. I know Charles and Keith are looking down on us with such Love, and want us to be happy. Everyday There are tear's behind my eye's. We are so lucky to have had them in our live's. Bless you and your's!

                          Love Bridget!!!!!! Hearts 

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